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Lesley Diane

Dip Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

What is it helpful for?

Feeling stressed or weary? 

Coping with  pain, poor digestion or insomnia?

Feeling overwhelmed, isolated or

out of balance?

Suffering with migraines, dyslexia, shock or grief?

Plus much more....

Find your unique path

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy involves tuning in to the intelligence in the body. Observing our Cranio Sacral rhythms and giving them space to find coherence and alignment, supports the body’s inherent tendency to heal itself.

What to Expect -

You will generally sit a moment and talk about what you're coming for. Lesley typically guides you to her treatment table where you remain fully clothed relaxing under a blanket in lovely surrounds.  Lesley starts by making contact at your feet, takes a moment here to align herself and tune in to your cranial rhythms or primary respiration.  Then she might move, making light contact, usually at diaphragm, shoulders, neck and head, listening with her hands to where there might be patterns that the intelligence in your body would like to review. 
You might feel shifts going on in your body, often people feel more present in their bodies at the end of a session.  Shifts might continue for a few days following a session.  Sometimes, Lesley will suggest a follow up or short series of sessions. 
I love how gentle this is.


1 Hour Session   $80

Children 45 min Session  $70

Like meditating at the beach

Midfield Cranio


Overwhelmed or Stuck?

Cranial Rhythmic Impulse tends to feel “loud” when we are overwhelmed or trying to do too much. Conversely Cranial Rhythmic Impulse may seem to be at a low ebb when we feel stuck or as if we can’t do anything 

Need Emotional Solace?

Contact Lesley to help your body intelligence to navigate grief, loss, change of life or job - find your way through

Sense of Purpose?

When you are feeling wobbly in life or at a crossroads... 

Tuning into longtide and dropping into stillness can ground and reignite your sense of purpose.

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